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Accreditation Certificates

Earlier this month, member schools were sent a mailing from MNSAA. Contained in a large white envelope look for your school's accreditation certificate for 2017-18, an invoice for annual dues, a printed registration form for our conference, and other essential information and resources. Please contact the MNSAA office if your school did not receive this mailing. The joy [...]

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Basic Information Report

Beat the rush! File your Basic Information Report before your halls are filled with learners! Follow these instructions... Choose your resource for electronically completing this year's Basic Information Report: Word Form: Download this protected Word document to complete your 2017 Basic Information Report. PDF Form: Choose this protected form if you prefer the pdf version [...]

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Welcome Back to School!

Watch for your MNSAA Back to School packet to come your way soon! Enclosed find your Annual Progress Report Response. Also find your Annual Dues invoice, Statement of Compliance, and opportunity to register for our Annual Conference at Our Lady of Grace School in Edina! This year your Basic Information Report will be uploaded electronically through your website portal. In [...]

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