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May 2018 Accredit Memo

During these last days of school, festivities are abundant and the energy of students and teachers is high! It's an exceptional time to celebrate the amazing accomplishments your school community enjoyed during the past year. It is my most sincere hope that our school leaders will take time to step back and reflect on the [...]

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School Meals Don’t Have to End in Summer

Learn How You Can Help! Hunger Impact Partners is a Minneapolis-based non-profit organization working with the Minnesota Department of Education to promote free summer meals for kids across the state in conjunction with the USDA’s Summer Food Service Program (SFSP). Learn more about how you can support this effort by clicking here.

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April 2018 Accredit Memo

Our monthly newsletter is provided to support schools in building the best possible educational program for the students and families you serve. In this month's edition you will learn more about: Accessing your school's Member Portal for uploading documents Preparing your Annual Report to Stakeholders Meeting MNSAA's requirement for Annual Evaluation of ALL Staff  Legal requirements for [...]

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