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Supporting Our Schools

Thank you for your valiant efforts keeping learners and staff safe in your schools. The challenges you are facing every hour of every day are undoubtedly often discouraging. Yet, MNSAA sincerely believes your leadership is essential and is supporting all the learners, staff, and families you serve. You have our support for your efforts. Find [...]

Supporting Our Schools2020-11-18T08:56:34-06:00

Keeping Schools Safe

Legal, Health and Safety Requirements MNSAA requires our schools to remain in compliance with specifically identified statutes, laws and safety requirements. Annually, schools advise MNSAA that they are in compliance when filing your Basic Information Report. When a school is visited by an onsite team, evidence of compliance is checked onsite. We are pleased to [...]

Keeping Schools Safe2020-09-17T11:31:59-05:00

New Principal Training

Mentors have been assigned to the new principals in our Association to support your work with our compliance requirements and accreditation processes and protocols. Watch for your training opportunity soon!

New Principal Training2020-08-04T10:58:26-05:00

Modified Onsite Visits in 2020

School communities will have the opportunity to continue their scheduled onsite visit for accreditation renewal through 2020.  These modified visits will maintain the integrity of the accreditation process while being sensitive to the current situation that schools are functioning under.  Schools will be required to host an onsite team limited to 1 to 3 members [...]

Modified Onsite Visits in 20202020-08-04T10:56:19-05:00

Accreditation Certificates

Association schools accreditation certificates were mailed in early August. Watch for a large white envelope from MNSAA. Contact Director Mueller if your school has not received it.

Accreditation Certificates2020-08-04T10:48:02-05:00

2020 Annual Dues

Invoices were sent to schools via the administrator's email address. Dues are based on a school's enrollment at the close of the last academic year. Contact Director Mueller if your invoice has been lost.

2020 Annual Dues2020-08-04T10:45:45-05:00

2020 Annual Conference Postponed

Due to the challenges presented to schools by COVID-19, the MNSAA Conference has been postponed until the Spring of 2021. Watch for details to arrive in early winter.

2020 Annual Conference Postponed2020-08-04T10:43:46-05:00