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Preventing and Responding to Allergies

MNSAA 3.07 – Supporting Health Requirements* MNSAA schools are required to obtain documentation of any known allergy from students’ parent or legal guardian or the source of medical care. If a learner has a known allergy, the school must maintain current information about the allergy in the student’s record and develop an individual care plan. [...]

Preventing and Responding to Allergies2020-01-31T10:11:29-06:00

Exciting Preschool News!

The New Year Brings New Opportunities! MNSAA is excited to officially announce that our accreditation standards, process and protocols have been approved by the Minnesota Department of Human Services Child Care Assistance Program! This approval illustrates the rigor and quality that our association requires to meet the status of accreditation. DHS advises us that our requirements [...]

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