Accredit Memo – June 2017

//Accredit Memo – June 2017

Accredit Memo – June 2017

During these last days of school, festivities are abundant and the energy of students and teachers is high! It’s an exceptional time to celebrate the amazing accomplishments your school community enjoyed during the past year! It is my most sincere hope that our school leaders will take time to step back and reflect on the past year with confidence and joy!


We are grateful! During this past academic year, literally hundreds of leaders and teachers volunteered their expertise and time away from their own schools to support ongoing school improvement through their service on visiting teams. Minnesota’s nonpublic schools are richly blessed by the generosity and willingness of impartial educators who continue to reach for high standards of excellence by supporting the good work of schools across our state!


Wishing you abundant summer blessings!

Sarah W. Mueller

Executive Director