Annual Progress Reports

//Annual Progress Reports

Annual Progress Reports

Due: June 15, 2019

Email pdfs to

NEW in 2019! Look for these changes:

  1. All narrative reports are in one template for uploading (or emailing directly)
  2. File your State-of-the-School report to stakeholders as evidence that the strategic plan is known. This report needs to include at a minimum: Summary of SSP Progress & Upcoming Improvement Initiatives.
  3. Finally, we will seek to learn about teacher evaluation. Specifically, plan to answer these questions:
    • Provide a written description of the evaluation process for school teachers;
    • Check box if all teachers have a written evaluation in their personnel files for the 2018-19 academic year; and
    • Advise in a narrative what you have learned from this process that will inform future decisions

Download the 2019 Annual Progress Report Template and Instructions here. These were emailed directly to school principals earlier this month.