Basic Information Report

//Basic Information Report

Basic Information Report

Beat the rush! File your Basic Information Report before your halls are filled with learners! Follow these instructions…

Choose your resource for electronically completing this year’s Basic Information Report:

Word Form: Download this protected Word document to complete your 2017 Basic Information Report.

PDF Form: Choose this protected form if you prefer the pdf version for posting you 2017 Basic Information Report.


  • Download either a Word or PDF version of the Basic Information Report.
  • Complete a “Save As” function using this title: 2017 BIR_School, City using your school’s name and city.
  • Complete all required fields and save the document again.
  • Print a copy for your files.
  • Upload your school’s completed form through the Member Portal┬áby choosing the Upload Documents. This action will send MNSAA notification that the report has been posted.
  • Questions? Contact our Executive Director: