Mid-Cycle Preschool Accreditation Now Open

//Mid-Cycle Preschool Accreditation Now Open

Mid-Cycle Preschool Accreditation Now Open

MNSAA has now opened the opportunity for schools to add preschool accreditation to their existing accredited program before the planned expiration date. Interested schools need to have preschools operated as a part of their existing academic program and not provided by an outside or for-profit source. Preschools must be licensed by the Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) to apply.

The following will apply to interested schools:

  • Completion of MNSAA’s “Adding Preschool to Existing Accreditation” focused self-study. This is a twenty (20) question narrative report that requires onsite supporting evidence. When completed, it needs to be submitted to the MNSAA office and becomes the school’s formal application to add preschool to an existing accreditation.
  • Provide a copy of the preschool’s DHS license, a copy of the written report from the most recent DHS onsite visit, and a copy of the school’s response to DHS.
  • Submission of an updated School Strategic Plan (SSP) that demonstrates preschool is integrated in the plan.
  • Payment of a “Preschool Application Fee” in the flat rate of $250. This will be used to provide a stipend to onsite focus team leaders.
  • Prepare to host a 2-6 hour “Preschool Focused Onsite Visit” comprised of two MNSAA leaders. During this visit, preschool instruction will be observed, staff will be interviewed, and onsite evidence will be reviewed.
  • Following the focused onsite visit, the team will prepare a Preschool Focused Team Report for the Board of Directors to review to make an accreditation decision.

After receiving the preschool focused self-study, along with a cover letter advising of the school’s intent to apply for mid-cycle preschool accreditation and payment of the application fee, the MNSAA Director will work with the school and onsite team to discern an agreeable day and time for the focused visit.


The MNSAA Board of Directors will take action on preschool accreditation in May, July, September, December, and March annually. Accreditation decisions will be reported to the school shortly after a decision has been made. Schools may be required to complete follow-up actions.