2018 Presentations & Handouts

//2018 Presentations & Handouts
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KEYNOTE: “From Good to Great! Laying the Foundation of a PLC at Work

Eric Twadell, Adlai Stevenson High School, Lincolnshire

8:30 – Grading for Learning: A Professional Learning Map for Implementing Standards-Based Grading
Professional Development Concept Map
Additional handouts available upon request

9:45 – Beyond the Test: Assessment Practices that Work (and Those That Don’t in a PLC)
Formative Assessment Examples
Additional handout available upon request

11:00 – The Instructional Diamond: Implementing Proficiency Based Instruction
Baby Walking
Diamond Lesson Plan
What is Learning?

Session I: 8:30 – 9:30A

Welcome! On-boarding with MNSAA for New Administrators –  Dr. Mary Adrian & Sarah W. Mueller
Early Learning Strategies that Appeal to Multiple Ages – Teresa Ripple
Adaptability in Education– Michael Gerard
Classical Education in the 21st Century– Dr. Susie Brooks
Creative Confidence: 10 Simple Ways to Boost Critical & Creative Thinking – Nancy Van Erp
Suicide Prevention: Best Practices for Schools & Staff – Dr. Julene Nolan
Parents, Teachers & Beginning Readers: Sharing the Responsibility for Success – Dr. Lisa Darling
Parent Involvement Survey

Inclusion: what Does It Mean? Wyayn Rasmussen & Katie Thormodsgaard
Team Chair Renewal Training: Earn Your 3-Year Certificate – Vicki Marvin
Threat Assessment Strategies: “Oh no! What should we do?!?” – Randy Johnson
Threat Assessment Matrix

Creating an Effective & Healthy School Culture – Paul Bernabei

Session II: 9:45 – 10:45A

Developing and Maintaining Your School Strategic Plan for Improvement – Andrew Hilliker
MNSAA + AdvancED: Preschool through Grade 12 Accreditation – Paul Menard
Best Practices & Tips for Successful and Sustainable Annual Funds – Michael Halloran
The Khan Academy: What is it? How to Use it for Step-Change Gains in Math– Mike Strommen
Spelling…Why Bother? – Rachel David
Social-Emotional Learning: A Deeper Dive into Effective Practices…Starting with YOU! Dr. Julene Nolan
K-2 is the KEY! Every Student a Successful Reader by Grade 3 – Dr. Lisa Darling
How to Prepare for Title Programs that Support Your Student & Staff Needs – Debra Landvik Letendre
Best Practices to Develop Meaningful Annual Reports for Stakeholders – Martha Laurent
STEM & Cognitive Development – Amy Blaubach
Effective Leaders Know How to See Things Differently – Paul Bernabei

Session III: 11:00 – 12 Noon

Annual Progress Reports Made Easy! What’s New in 2018-19- Julianne Blazevic
Intentional Interviewing: Making the Smart Hire– Paul Menard
Information Technology Wisdom– Bob Thompson
Assessment Literacy: What it it? Why does it matter? – Jessica Knierim
Executive Function Solutions in the Classroom and Beyond – Mary Beth Kelley
Effective Communication: Tips to Become Intentionally Relational – Brian Ragatz
Providing Feedback that Makes a Difference to Leaders – Carrie Fruin
Legal Issues Pertinent to Nonpublic Schools – John Gunderson & Sam Nelson
Team Chair Renewal Training: Earn Your 3-Year Certificate – Vicki Marvin
S.M.A.R.T. Program for Preschool through Grade 3 Learners – Ginger Vance & Jessica Kittleson
What Every Student in a MNSAA School Needs to Know – Paul Bernabei