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2019 MNSAA Conference – SAVE the DATE!

We are delighted to announce that our 2019 Annual Conference will be held on Monday, November 4, 2019 at All Saints School in Lakeville. Dr. Jules Nolan from Phoenix School Consulting will be our keynote and lead the day. We are busy making plans for an exceptional day! Hope to see you again this year.

“Accredit Memo”News from MNSAA

Check out our monthly newsletter: February 2019 Accredit Memo.

Dual Accreditation – Options to Partner with AdvancED or Middle States Association

MNSAA is excited to announce optional dual accreditation opportunities for our member schools. This is an outcome of significant analysis and study by the MNSAA Board of Directors and input from member schools (especially high schools). Partnerships have been formed with Middle States Association Commissions on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA-CESS) and Advanced Education, Inc. (AdvancEd). Recognizing the unique circumstances of each member school, we encourage you to learn more about these opportunities at the 2018 MNSAA Conference on November 2 at Our Lady of Grace School.

Contact Director Mueller for more information.

Preschool Accreditation – Option for Accredited Schools

MNSAA is pleased and excited to announce that we are again offering optional preschool accreditation to nonpublic schools operating early learning programs connected to their total academic program. After a concentrated study of our standards for accreditation and investigation of the practices and protocols of other agencies, we ready to accept accredited schools with preschools that are interested in piloting our process.

While we continue to seek a variety of pathways to accredit preschools, at this time if a school chooses to have its preschool program accredited, MNSAA requires the following:

  • The preschool is licensed by the Department of Human Services in the State of Minnesota.
  • The preschool program has an academic foundation for children 33 months and older.
  • The preschool program and staff are integrated into all aspects of the life of the school.
  • All MNSAA standards apply to preschool unless otherwise specified.
  • Preschool programs run by an outside entity, as well as “stand alone” preschool programs are not eligible for MNSAA accreditation.

To be considered for our pilot study, contact our Executive Director at 952.759.5985 or for more information.

Standard #3.06 – Health & Safety

Has your school completed your School Bus Safety training yet? MNSAA expects that this requirement is met annually if your students are transported by bus. Check out what the Minnesota Department of Public Safety has to say: School Bus Safety


Criminal Background Checks* – MNSAA #3.06 – Legal & Safety Requirements

Our schools must remain compliance with this law through related policy and operating procedures. Annually in your Basic Information Report, schools advise MNSAA that they follow this statute. When a school is visited by an onsite team, compliance is checked for each employee. If original copies are not maintained in the school, the team will need evidence from the school’s hiring authority that they have been completed.
Now is a good time to review your files to ensure all employees have had a qualifying criminal background check. MNSAA does not define how frequently schools need to repeat this procedure, but we do encourage schools to develop policies and practices that ensure this is occurring regularly.
*As defined by MN Statute 123B.03 – Background ChecFind more information by reviewing the statute here.

MNSAA Month-by-Month – Desktop Tool!

Your MNSAA month-by-month handy reference guide was enclosed in your Back to School packet! Did you find it? If not, check this link for the tool you need to keep close at hand to support your good work!! If not, check out our School Resources tab under the Member Schools header.

Check here to learn if you are on track for the year!